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Mold scheme design is an important stage in design. It is a very creative design stage, but also a very complex problem. It involves the knowledge level, experience, inspiration and imagination of mold designers.


Wunder-Mold was founded by Wil...
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  • Established year: 1996
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Wunder-Mold was founded by William A. Martindale in 1996. “I needed something to do at age 79,” he told friends. The company specialized in plastics at the time, but quickly grew to become one of very few firms in the world capable of injection molding ceramic material and a global leader among advanced technical ceramics companies.

Custom molding of plastic materials
A step ahead of other technical ceramics companies in the market
We focus our efforts on a variety of plastics and ceramic materials including Alumina and Zirconia. We believe that this specialization helps us excel at what we do best. The molding and machining of ceramics is particularly demanding, requiring uncommon knowledge and experience. From assistance with mold design and material selection, to precise machine finishing of parts with demanding dimensions and tolerances, we work with you from start to finish

Wunder-mold Vacaville custom plastic injection molding facility
Wunder-Mold is conveniently located in Northern California, in the city of Vacaville, approximately halfway between the state capitol of Sacramento and the city of San Francisco and just east of the famous Napa Valley wine region.

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