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Mold scheme design is an important stage in design. It is a very creative design stage, but also a very complex problem. It involves the knowledge level, experience, inspiration and imagination of mold designers.

The Rodon Group

The Rodon Group is an ISO 9001...
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  • Established year: 1956
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  • Products: Plastic Injection Molding,Custom Plastic Injection Molding,Standard Parts,Toolmaking,silicone shot glass mold,injection molded plastic,plastic injection molder,plastic moulding machine,silicone molds for resin,epoxy resin for moulding,silicone molds for epoxy,silicone christmas molds,baking in silicone molds,christmas silicone molds,types of plastics,thermoset plastic,plastic machining,plastic materials,polyester plastic,packaging plastic

The Rodon Group is an ISO 9001:2015 certified, high-volume, custom plastic injection molder.Plastic Injection Molding,Custom Plastic,Injection Molding,Standard Parts,Toolmaking,silicone shot glass mold,injection molded plastic,plastic injection molder

We offer a turnkey and innovative manufacturing solution including mold design, mold building, and high-volume parts manufacturing. Our globally competitive prices eliminate the risks of sourcing offshore. With over 125 plastic injection molding presses, The Rodon Group is one of the largest family-owned and operated injection molders in the United States. We serve a diverse group of industries including consumer products, windows and doors, medical and pharmaceutical, construction and food and beverage.

We are proud members of the following associations:

SPI- the Plastics Industry Trade AssociationSPE- the Society of Plastics EngineersWDMA- The Window and Door Manufacturers Association
History of Rodon
Our founder Irving Glickman had a celebrated and successful manufacturing career that spanned seven decades. As a pioneer in the development of synthetic rubber, Mr. Glickman saw the greater potential of thermoplastics, and in 1956, he founded The Rodon Group.

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