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Mold scheme design is an important stage in design. It is a very creative design stage, but also a very complex problem. It involves the knowledge level, experience, inspiration and imagination of mold designers.

Formerly Plastics Components, Inc

Over 30 Years of Advanced Manu...
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  • Established year: 1989
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  • Products: USTOM MOLDING,TECHNOLOGY,TOOL BUILDING & TOOL TRANSFER,METAL TO PLASTIC CONVERSION,plastic chocolate moulds,automobile mould factory,alginate molding powder,clay for silicone molds,how to make a mold cast,how to make a cast mold,silicone molds for clay,silicone wax melt molds,plastic moulding,moulding machine,plastic polymers,plastic material,plastic industry,plastic compound

Over 30 Years of Advanced Manufacturing with a Focus on Technology
Rosti (Formerly Plastics Components, Inc.), entered the plastics manufacturing industry in 1989, as a small facility, with a few presses and a vague plan to build a "fully-automated" plant. Since our humble beginnings, we have grown to become one of the most revolutionary manufacturers of medium and high-volume, small and medium-sized plastic injection molded parts worldwide.

Since the company's inception, Rosti has embraced a culture of innovation, technology and the highest level of service. Now operating two facilities totaling more than 78,000 square feet of production space.

Our state-of-the-art facilities leverage process automation to achieve optimal part pricing and quality. With 75 fully-automated molding cells (35-500 ton), Rosti aligns the highest level of skilled engineers and technicians with automated and revolutionary lights-out processes.

Rosti is made up of passionate, dedicated employees, led by a team committed to deploying sound strategy and industry-leading technology. Learn more about our dedicated leaders who are focused on building one of the finest teams and operating systems in the plastics industry.

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