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Mold scheme design is an important stage in design. It is a very creative design stage, but also a very complex problem. It involves the knowledge level, experience, inspiration and imagination of mold designers.


Intertech is a professional mo...
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  • Products: CUSTOM MOLD,DESIGN MAKER & MOLD MANUFACTURING,MOLD SERVICE,INJECTION MOLD,SILICONE MOLD,LIQUID SILICONE RUBBER MOLD,METAL STAMPING,MOLDING,custom plastic molding,injection mold plastic,injection mold machine,plastic injection mold,plastic mold injection,injection molded parts,silicone coaster mold,silicone baking molds,coaster silicone mold,molded plastic,casing molding,chair moulding,wood moulding

Intertech is a professional mold maker, a plastic parts & Molding specialist in Taiwan. We introduce our service and our marketing-technical team here.

With more than 30 years of experience, Intertech provides an extensive integrated operational ability from design to production of molds 100% made in Taiwan. Additional to our own mold making factory, we also cooperate with our team vendors to form a very strong working force in Taiwan.... For the overseas market, we work very closely with local representatives in order to take care of the technical communication and after-sales service to our customers. We also participate in the EUROMOLD & FAKUMA & Formnext exhibitions and meet our customers every year in Europe.

By concentrating on molding and mold "niche markets", we play a very useful molding factory and mold maker role from the Far East, Taiwan, whenever customers want to develop their new projects. We provide services from A to Z to our customers on a very economic cost and effect basis. We manufacture.... custom plastic injection molding parts and molds, custom silicone rubber molding parts and molds, custom stamping die molding parts and molds, custom liquid silicone rubber molding and molds, custom Ls.... (Mold Master, MasterFlow, LKM, Incoe systems...etc). We are particularly specialized in dealing with .... undercut molds, unscrewing molds, core pulling structure molds, high gloss polished molds, interchangeable core molds, hot compression molds, 2-component injection molds, and pilot molds for small series production, etc.

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