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EltMold is the leading plastic mold manufacturer in China, provide one stop-shop service for 3D metal printing solution for mold making industry. Our 3D metal printing solution include designing, printing, machining, and finishing 3D metal parts for mold making applications. We have more than 20 experienced engineers and technicians will work with you to create a custom solution that meets your specific needs. We will try our best to provide high quality, cost-effective solutions that meet your requirements when you choose to cooperate with us. We use the latest in 3D printing technology to produce plastic injection parts with superior strength and the accuracy can reach 99.9%, welcom to contact us to get the best pricing and services.

This is a 3D metal printing only, if you need other 3D metal printing, please check our product categories.

Please email us for the  3D metal printing pricing and 3D drawing! if you would like to read it before placing your order.

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By co-operating with Elite Mold, you have selected one of the most reliable ISO 9001 certified plastic mold manufacturer, Elite Mold as a plastic injection mold manufacturer specializing in plastic injection mold and supplying plastic injection molding services for plastic mold design, prototype makings, mold flow analysis, precise machining, OEM services, ODM services and so on, building custom plastic injection molding. We are committed to enhance the Process optimized and quality of service, shorten lead time and assist in lowering inventory, by providing new products every year to bring in continuous and higher profits for our clients. The ability to produce mold at the International standard, strong engineering and mold design capability, aggressive delivery, competitive pricing and business integrity continues to be the success factor of Elite Mold.

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