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We can design the products according to your samples or ideas. Our experienced mold design team can work with you to create a unique product that meets your specific needs and requirements. We use latest AUTOCAD softwares,such as UG, PRO-E, Solidworks to design the products. We can test our design by simulated analysis to make sure the mold design work in good term. Contact our Support Team for a free quote or design assistance at

Injection molded components: The ELITE Gallery Many of the parts on this page began as a designer’s vision. Our role at EliteMold was to bring them to life as a quality finished component. Let us put Elitemold’ capabilities to work on your next injection molding project. Contact our Support Team for a free quote or design assistance at

This is a coustom parts mold Assembly only, if you need  other coustom parts mold Assembly, please check our product categories.

Please email us for the Plastic Injection molding parts pricing and 3D drawing! if you would like to read it before placing your order.

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Product Optimization

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                Coating (Painting, NCVM...) 

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     Laser/Ultrasonic Welding Installation

                Electronic/Mechanical Testing 

                 Rellability Testing

Injection Molding  Mold Development

Cosmetic Part Molding

Two Color Molding

Over molding (insert Molding) 

Gas Assistant Molding 

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