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Eight details to pay attention to in the era of injection mold manufacturers' products being king

In the era of injection mold manufacturers' products being king, there are 8 detailed problem descriptions that need to be paid attention to. More related problem descriptions are provided by the company. Have you ever checked your design products to obtain the requirements you have proposed.
● Offset of moving and fixed molds: When the wall thickness of plastic parts changes greatly, it should be noted that the hopper should not be lowered, the wall thickness of plastic parts should be uniform, and the material gun should not be facing downward or downward.
● There are holes in plastic parts, which sometimes occur at changes in wall thickness. If the wall thickness of the plastic part is uneven, the holes should be cut, and if the structure of the rubber part is too thick
● Uneven cooling: During injection molding, cool the mold. If the cooling is not thorough enough, use low temperatures to reduce the cooling effect of the mold.

● Uneven injection speed: (1) At slow speeds, the melt speed is too fast and the pressure holding time is too short, resulting in insufficient mold filling. (2) Low yield of products: Increasing the pressure retaining pressure and speed too quickly will cause uneven mold filling and inconsistent shrinkage. (3) Low yield of products: Increasing the pressure retaining pressure and speed too quickly will cause melt fracture and underfilling of the product. (4) Nozzle Salivation: Salivation associated with narrow material barrels or nozzles. The reasons for nozzle blockage or air leakage are manifold, either there are obstacles at the mold inlet, or the mold inlet is too slow to avoid the resistance of plastic entering the mold. Demolding: The setup system refers to the process of plasticizing the mold filling process of plastic, which includes pressure holding, cold, heat, cooling, and cleaning processes, all of which are time dependent. The temperature of the plastic allows for low pressure to enter the mold cavity at an ideal time, which can also effectively reduce the shrinkage of the molded product. Shrinkage rate: Due to the rapid cooling rate of plastic parts in small wall areas, the shrinkage rate of plastic is generally controlled at around 2-4%. For example, the plastic used to make cars refers to small parts, which can also be as small as several. However, different varieties require different low-temperature shrinkage rates for plastic materials. There are also differences in the shrinkage of materials, and there are many factors that affect the shrinkage of materials, such as the thermal stability of materials, the number and brand of plastic varieties, and so on. The fluidity and moldability of plastics, especially for crystalline materials, are often different from those of single component plastic injection molding in terms of fluidity, crystallization point, and shrinkage. Therefore, when plastic shrinks, it is also greatly affected by the shrinkage rate. Therefore, the mold shrinkage is around, so the dimensional accuracy, shape, and position of the plastic parts have an impact on the shrinkage. Therefore, mold shrinkage is generally controlled within the range of 6 to 7%.
In addition, the fluidity of glass fiber reinforced plastics has a significant impact on shrinkage. The size of the shrinkage rate of the material for injection molded parts, and the larger the shrinkage rate, the smaller the shrinkage rate. In addition, the fluidity of the material also has a significant impact on the shrinkage rate, such as the thermal stability of the material, the dimensional accuracy of the mold, and the service life of the mold. If on the contrary, the shrinkage rate will also change, so do not feel that the shrinkage rate directly affects the fluidity of the injection molding material< eod>。

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