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New Steps Taken in Structural Adjustment of the Plastic Injection Molding Industry

The structural adjustment of the plastic injection molding industry has taken a new step. The development prospects of the plastic injection molding industry are promising.

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● For the surface of plastic parts, in terms of the range that the molding material can cover, the surface structure that the plastic parts can meet should be able to separate from each other without changing. 2. Whether the surface of injection molded parts needs to be wrapped. If oxidation is required, there is no need to wrap the interior. If surface retention is required, there is no need to wrap the exterior structure. Note: The surface of injection molded parts should not only meet customer requirements, but also take into account factors such as process, equipment, and time. The required factors include.

When using an injection molding machine, the maximum pressure of the injection molding machine is 120 bar, generally 120 mm; There are also 120mm or 100mm injection molding machines, which preferably require horizontal extrusion.
The bottom edge of the injection molding on the surface of the plastic part must be polished. If the surface is not good, the corner with poor parallel effect should be selected to make the mold easy to form stripes; If the internal defects are serious, the corners need polishing treatment. If the surface of the plastic part is hardened, the mold should try to weld the corner parts and obtain a sub gloss after polishing.
In order to make the plastic manufacturing process more stable, attention must be paid to: barrel temperature, melt temperature, mold temperature, injection temperature, injection cycle, molding cycle, etc.
Forming cycle. It should be automatically determined or set based on the molding cycle, and the molding cycle can affect the plastic plasticizing quality to a certain extent. That is, the plasticizing time, that is, the plasticizing ability, that is, the longer the molding cycle, the better the effect in this regard.
Injection speed: The choice of injection speed usually depends mainly on the type of plastic, plasticizing ability, and nozzle temperature. When using plastics with higher viscosity, efforts can be made to reduce injection and injection pressure to reduce nozzle temperature. However, when there is a large gate, the temperature of the barrel should be controlled within the range of 50 ° C at room temperature, as the gate usually has a higher temperature.
Mold temperature: Usually due to conditions determined by the temperature of the material, mold temperature control has different effects on product quality (molding cycle) depending on the characteristics of different raw materials.
Injection speed: Mold temperature has a significant impact on product quality (molding cycle) and molding cycle. The increase in injection speed helps to reduce mold wear.
Gates and runners. Generally, the filling degree of the melt is (05~07) HD, and the viscosity of the melt is (05~07) DD [see details].
What are the methods to improve the transparency of products? We usually use low density polyethylene (PE) for injection molding at the low end, while the viscosity is 27g. Low end injection molding often has strong light transmittance.
The arrangement of flow channels and gates should conform to the characteristics of the product. Generally, the gates should be symmetrically distributed to avoid causing shrinkage or porosity.

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