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Which country has the strongest injection mold manufacturing technology

Which country has the strongest injection mold manufacturing technology and how to quickly determine it. The mold industry is a development process involving fields, especially automotive, light industry, electronics, and other mold industries. At this time, we should grasp the development potential and speed of new technologies. The mold industry can also introduce and absorb advanced technical equipment at home and abroad through technological progress. At the same time, injection mold manufacturing technology has made a very important guidance for the development of various sectors of the national economy. Injection mold manufacturing technology has two aspects of development and effectiveness, and new progress will be made in these two aspects. There will be new development and progress in this molding and mold quality.
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Cultivate innovative awareness, with the core of post group and production group, supplemented by production group as the main body of development, improve the advanced education group, cultivate quality management, combine innovative enterprise management methods, use UG five-axis linkage programming training, strong practical ability, and good comprehensive quality< eod>。

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