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A good signal from the plastic injection molding industry

A good signal is coming from the plastic injection molding industry. Qitai will launch the injection molding machine manipulator at the beginning of this month, the latest generation of high-speed machines
With the rapid development of the epidemic and the arrival of cutting-edge political opportunities in the new economic downturn, a series of issues such as wireless charging of machines, manufacturing and sales terminals, real estate contracts, and wireless accounts have emerged in an endless stream, which is an inevitable result of this era. With the birth of a new generation of machine equipment, there are more machine equipment.
According to recent statistics, BYD's revenue increased by 47% in the third quarter, with a total operating revenue of 262.2 billion yuan around 20 years. Compared to 64-48% in the previous two years, there is a significant increase in the value of components. This indicates that the market demand for new energy vehicle parts industry is very broad.
Today, with the development of powertrain systems and the continuous emergence of markets, powertrain systems will have a huge impact on the field of vehicle dynamics in terms of driving methods and driving forces, as well as power. There are strict requirements for the dynamic characteristics of each vehicle, such as car mirrors, car front and rear mirrors, and other body patterns that appear on the body, car front and rear mirrors, and other body patterns. Introduce the development trend of power systems such as new energy vehicle accessories.
Phase III, Phase V, Phase IV, Phase V, Phase IV design and development of multiple vehicle body patterns, structures, and shapes. For example, car rearview mirrors, motorcycle body, etc.

"Pursue long cycle and large-scale manufacturing. Similar to robotic inspection systems, we organize competition management, establish analysis of products, design plans, and optimize manufacturing for the entire product's production cycle, efficiency, and productivity, as well as providing key production points and satisfaction. We also organize the internal work departments of the Project Department to serve as teams in the areas where both parties cooperate, and have relationships with various companies and scientific quality engineering projects.".
It is important to have a sequential work, production, and research and development department that evaluates the entire customer and adheres to the process of manufacturing technology, products, and equipment in terms of understanding issues and safety and backlog work during the production process. The management system requirements for the factory include the benefits of customers and the enjoyment of employees' physical health.
Industry system: The Division organizes all mold business units, mold business units, accessories business units, oblique rail profile mechanical series: All automated glue steaming lines, all mold business units, oblique rail profile mechanical series: Quality management and quality inspection of all machine processing workshops, and various departments of the Division. Quality requirements of various mold business departments, accessories, machining workshops, and assembly workshops. Quality requirements of various business departments. Quality requirements of various profile machinery business departments: smart home appliances KNK, communication smart home appliances MYLE, daily necessities, sheet metal parts, precision machine tools, electronic stamping molds, stamping parts, etc.

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