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Chengdu Chongqing Inner Mongolia Fujian Guangdong Guangxi Zhengzhou Sichuan Chengdu Guiyang Hangzhou Nanning Guiyang Lhasa Liaoyang Shenzhen Changsha Zhengzhou Kaifeng Luoyang Hefei Pingdingshan Xiaogan Xiangyang Ezhou Jingmen Jingzhou Jingmen Xiaogan.
Nanning Irrigation Special Granules Premium Nanning Spray Paint Granules Wholesale Low Price Nanning Spray Paint Granules Price Nanning Sichuan Chengdu Nanning Chengdu Nanning Chengdu Hefei Anhui Hangzhou.
The renowned EMV – 85C three-axis silver roller heavy line rail Yintai screw, Mitsubishi M80 system, direct connection 12000 rpm BT40 spindle, German speed 24T servo knife arm type tool magazine, three-axis travel 800x550, three-axis rapid displacement 48 meters, equipped with an integrated spindle oil cooler.
Huaya 2500 super large drilling machine integrated cast iron bed, Mitsubishi M80 latest touch screen system! BT30 main shaft 200 revolutions, (three axis German Rexroth line rail 45 line rail, three axis travel X axis 2500Y axis 400Z axis 300X axis 50 diameter screw drive) 16 cutter Pu.
Original Taiwan Yongjin NXV1020AM, with a main shaft of 15000 revolutions, a high-power 11KW, Fanac MXP-200FA system, and a light knife mold machine king! The standard is 90% new, and the price is less than half that of the new machine.
Second-hand dual color molding machine, Dayu 13 brand new appearance features, brand new functions. Environmentally friendly.

Taiwan Fangmu Taiwan Klinberg (formerly GE312) 8 horses, 4 horses, 1-cone dual drive, too old type.
The Panasonic PanKW-MAKT speed regulation system in Taiwan has a wide range of speed regulation, supporting various sizes, widths, and thicknesses of output. The main motor is installed with an A3 level gearbox, a gear box, and a motor.
The general principle is 40 power, 18 kw, with an optional 8KW frequency converter, and a set of 5-8KW frequency converters are provided in the Sanhao power distribution cabinet.
When the air supply pressure is too high, the overload protection relay automatically protects the housing, protecting it from damage, reducing the safety frequency, and reducing the risk of automatic pressure relief.

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By co-operating with Elite Mold, you have selected one of the most reliable ISO 9001 certified plastic mold manufacturer, Elite Mold as a plastic injection mold manufacturer specializing in plastic injection mold and supplying plastic injection molding services for plastic mold design, prototype makings, mold flow analysis, precise machining, OEM services, ODM services and so on, building custom plastic injection molding. We are committed to enhance the Process optimized and quality of service, shorten lead time and assist in lowering inventory, by providing new products every year to bring in continuous and higher profits for our clients. The ability to produce mold at the International standard, strong engineering and mold design capability, aggressive delivery, competitive pricing and business integrity continues to be the success factor of Elite Mold.

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