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From research and development to design, how can the plastic mold industry usher in a new era?

From research and development to design, how can the plastic mold industry usher in a new era? With regard to products, the rapid development of the packaging mold industry, as well as the strong technical support of technological progress and industrial upgrading in the plastic mold industry, will achieve new rapid sales. However, the quality level of our mold products is relatively low, coupled with a lower level of quality, and we have to admit that the sales volume of domestic products is only or very small.
However, the injection of new products cannot keep pace with the growth of demand. The domestic yield rate is expected to become the product demand for mainstream consumer goods, and can maintain the original quality level, continuously maintain the required performance, and promote the growth of mold market demand.
However, there is still a shift in quality that is weaker than that of domestic peers. Therefore, the design and manufacture of new products, as well as the development of plastic molds, plastic molding, and blow molding molds, are closely related to market demand, and the demand for products is expected to exceed the vast majority of consumer goods worldwide.
As a leading mold product, we must strive to continuously accumulate technical capabilities, strengthen product innovation, and establish a strong mold product brand.
Looking forward to the future, market competition is mainly about the growth of product quantity, quality, and sales. Only by continuously optimizing the market competition mechanism can products develop, and providing better products and after-sales services to customers is the only way to develop and improve the driving force of the mold industry.
First, mold products continue to develop new functions and functions. For example, combining traditional mold design with product design. It can not only achieve the product effect, but also save a lot of mold testing time and cost.
The second is product design analysis, mold design determination, and process feasibility. Product design and development should combine product characteristics, fully utilize product cost performance, and be based on reliable quality. Product design should be balanced, easy to operate, and convenient to manufacture.
The third is the manufacturing of mold products. Mold products must be completed in the factory, and after the design cycle, they can receive engineering drawings, stamping molds, and calculate and compare the number of mold cavities and the mold itself.
The fourth is mold positioning, positioning, and film sealing. For this mold making method, we need to accurately grasp the design feasibility of the product, prepare the mold in advance, and ensure the quality and high quality of the final product.

The fifth is the assembly of molds. When lowering the mold, it should be considered to pull and receive the product. After the mold assembly is completed, it can be seen from the above figure whether the upper and lower molds can be released simultaneously.
The sixth is the processing of the rear and rear molds of the mold. The previous process is to process the finished product in semi-finished and full size. What is required in these processes is the general post process of the mold, which is the packaging and molding of the post process products.
The seventh is product assembly. This process must be careful, as everything needs to be walked steadily and moved during each board, and it is necessary to avoid relying on water avalanches.
In short, to ensure the quality of the mold, we must clarify the manufacturing level, processing precision, heat treatment level, and life span of the mold. Only in this way can we ensure that our mold can be fully processed when required by a certain level.

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