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The main classification issues of molds are as follows: 1. According to different usage characteristics, molds can be divided into cold working molds, hot working molds, and plastic molds, which take the form of failure. This can affect the service life of the mold, and even damage the mold in severe cases.
● According to the number of cavities, it can be divided into several cavities and several cavities, which directly affect the surface quality of the workpiece. The number and height of cavities can be determined according to the mold structure size. According to the geometric structure and relative position of the mold, it can be divided into several cavities and several cavities.
● Depending on the shape, size, accuracy, and surface roughness requirements of mold parts, surface treatment or heat treatment can be selected.
● Users can choose stamping molds to meet production needs according to their own needs. Before producing molds, mold parts can be surface treated to make them easy to demould.
● In the design of mold structural parts, it is possible to choose a part manufacturing method, which is conducive to improving the qualification rate of part manufacturing and reducing processing costs.
● The processing method and quality depend on the processing quality of the parts. Therefore, determining a complete part processing quality is to develop a complete part processing quality management plan, which is conducive to improving production efficiency and reducing production costs.
For users, improving the service life of the mold can greatly reduce stamping costs. The factors affecting the service life of the mold are as follows.

● Material type and thickness; 2. Whether to select a reasonable mold gap; 3. Structural form of the mold; 4. Whether the material is well lubricated during stamping; 5. Whether the mold has undergone special surface treatment; 6. Such as plating with Ti, P, and V.
A mold usually consists of a concave mold, a convex mold, and a mold base, some of which may also be a multi-piece assembly module. Therefore, the combination of upper and lower molds, the combination of inserts and cavities, and the assembly between modules require high machining accuracy. The dimensional accuracy of precision molds often reaches μ Level m.
Precision, complex, long life stamping mold manufacturing accuracy can reach 2-3 μ m。 Blanking and bending are formed by multiple stamping operations. Trapezoidal blanks are formed by stamping, bulging, shearing, bulging, and bending with a blank holder to form various shapes. The cross section is relatively complex, and sometimes it can even be used as large whole plate stamping molds. However, the blanking process of precision stamping dies is relatively complex. The precision stamping die has an integral structure for blanking processing, a blanking die, a connecting rod (or), and a mold.
Although the structure of the mold is different due to the variety of plastics and colorants, as well as the shape and structure of plastic products, as well as the structure of plastic products, it also has a significant impact on the structural craftsmanship of plastic mold manufacturing.

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