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The market of plastic molder has recovered by almost 10%

In recent years, the market share of plastic medical bottles has been continuously increasing. How much does the plastic molder market recover?
In recent years, the demand for plastic packaging barrels has also been increasing. Due to their increasingly high requirements in pharmaceutical packaging, it is necessary to provide the plastic industry with suitable testing instruments and other very important instruments.
National Food Safety Standard 2 × 24. Products covered with plastic products for food: plastic packaging bags for food, paper corner protection plastic packaging bags for food, food preservation films, food storage and transportation films, food packaging bags, food hygiene products, etc. General packaging paper and special tools such as pen holders, tubes, tweezers, pliers, and ropes, as well as general paper and non-woven fabrics.
National Food Safety Standard 2 × 48. Products covered by plastic products for food: plastic packaging bags for food, paper for food, synthetic materials for food, etc.
GB/T15210C, Calibration of physical and chemical properties, mechanical properties, and heat resistance of plastic packaging materials for food.

Used in food packaging bags, food, textiles, medicine, clothing, dyeing, printing and dyeing, packaging, small plastic products.
Suitable for plastic films used for food, including cylinders, triangular bags, corrugated, etc. Cold resistance, sub zero resistance, radiation resistance, water vapor resistance, dust prevention, sound insulation, water and moisture resistance, radiation resistance, cold resistance, impact resistance, high bending strength, low temperature resistance, low temperature freezing resistance, storage and drying.
(2) According to the purpose, it can be divided into containers, water bags, gas cylinders, bottle bodies, brackets, lifting handles, etc.
(3) Plastic packaging materials for food, plastic packaging materials for medicine, low-temperature drop materials for food packaging materials, cushioning materials, moisture-proof materials, food grade plastic sheets, high-strength plastic films, rigid plastic sheets, plastic sheets, etc.
Use disinfected water to treat food packaging materials, pharmaceutical and cosmetic packaging materials, reagent bottles and containers, and plastic bags.
Used for food, pharmaceutical packaging materials, medical packaging materials, etc. Some foods require high temperature sterilization, and some require high frequency sterilization.
Provide product packaging and processing services such as plastic bags, vacuum bags, OPP transparent environmental protection food bags (degradable), logistics packaging bags (express bags), etc.
Users can select, typeset, customize bag types, and customize bag types based on their on-site dimensions and actual requirements.
The company currently has 5 sets of quality inspection equipment, 10 sets of packaging equipment (flat bag packaging equipment), vulcanizing machines, packaging with corrosive gas environments, and other supporting equipment. There are two fully qualified vulcanization lines in the factory, one white and black. After 10 years of development, we have introduced mature foreign technology to optimize the product structure and complete sets, providing customers with better transparency of plastic food bags.

We have over 30 specialized bottle blowing workshops, bag weaving workshops, food packaging, bottle blowing workshops, plastic food boxes, pallets, bottle manufacturers, and other sales networks throughout the country. We can produce and wholesale plastic products such as bottle blowing, film, PP, PET, OPP, and PE according to customer needs.

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