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Process flow diagram of plastic mold

Plastic mold process flow chart 1: Set cooling points at the beginning of plastic mold processing; 2. Location of cooling points; Generally speaking, a plastic mold can be cooled from the beginning. At the inlet side of the pouring system, the mold gradually forms over a distance that gradually shortens, affecting the cooling speed of the mold and stopping the mold release. 3. When the material is complete, close the hopper. Start cleaning the material and start the empty reservoir. 4. Stop the process length setting cooling. Demoulding of plastic parts.
The mold release distance to be set on the parting surface should be set when necessary. Generally, the mold height should be around 6 meters. The depth required to be set on the plastic part. If the mold depth is too deep, it will cause changes in the cooling pressure of the plastic part, so it is also necessary to increase the working height or do the following working depths to achieve this.
The mold height should be more than 6 meters. This requires a mold width, which is generally 10 meters longer than the mold width.

And the mold depth cannot be uniform. When the height of the plastic part is too short, or the bottom of the mold is bent, if the material is insufficient, it can lead to shrinkage or even demoulding of the plastic part, making it difficult to demould, resulting in a high scrap rate of plastic parts. Therefore, the direction of difficulty in demolding plastic parts should be determined based on their structure, mold manufacturing process, and demolding complexity. Generally, the mold height should be limited to less than 4 meters.
The release angle of the plastic part. The shape of the bottom of a plastic part is usually irregular. For barbs on protruding portions of some patterns, there should be a relatively broad concept of the position and size of the mold hole, as well as the release angle, which directly affects the release of the plastic part. Therefore, the main factors that affect the mold release angle of plastic parts include the following aspects: the size of the mold release angle of plastic parts, the degree of mold release, whether there is a slider barb, the mold release angle of plastic parts, the bottom radius of plastic parts, the position of the parting surface, and the mold release angle, resulting in too small mold release angle of plastic parts, top white, bottom strain, top white phenomenon, and the mold release angle of plastic parts in the plastic parts.
Whether auxiliary actions such as mold release angle, ejector pin position, and insert determine the size of mold release angle of a plastic part can be selected in the following ways.
First, only under the condition of satisfying the mold release angle of plastic parts, also consider meeting the requirements for mold release angle of plastic parts, such as appropriate wall thickness, mold release angle, mold perpendicularity, etc.
First, release the mold in sequence: In principle, the release angle of the plastic part should be equal to the flat hole, smooth and clean, inner hole and outer wall of the plastic part. If the release angle of the normal release angle is used as the release angle. It should be considered.
Shrinkage is too small to avoid excessive mold release slope, severe mold deformation, or shrinkage plastic cracking, which can also affect the size of mold release slope.

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