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Process Flow Diagram of plastic lure molds

A plastic lure mold is a tool used to create a plastic lure, which is a type of fishing lure. The process of creating a plastic lure mold involves several steps, which are outlined in the following flow diagram.

1. Design: The first step in the process is to design the plastic lure mold. This involves creating a 3D model of the lure, which includes the shape, size, and other details. The design should also include the type of plastic to be used and the type of molding process to be used.

2. Prototype: Once the design is complete, a prototype of the plastic lure mold is created. This prototype is used to test the design and make any necessary changes before the final mold is created.

3. Molding: The next step is to create the actual plastic lure mold. This is done by pouring molten plastic into a mold, which is then cooled and hardened. The mold is then removed from the plastic and the plastic lure is ready for use.

4. Finishing: The final step in the process is to finish the plastic lure mold. This involves sanding, polishing, and painting the mold to give it a professional look.

The process of creating a plastic lure mold is a complex one, but it is necessary to ensure that the lure is of the highest quality. By following the steps outlined in the flow diagram, it is possible to create a plastic lure mold that is both attractive and durable.

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