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Do you know all seven aspects of injection mold manufacturers?

The selection of injection mold materials is the most important factor that determines the maximum, minimum, and production cost of mold life. According to the size of the material during polymerization, the weight of the finished product, the working life of the mold, and the specifications of the injection molding machine.
You must know these six aspects. Can't you find good service for the above 5 items?
Injection Molding SKD11 Precision Machining Workshop Injection Molding SKD12 Injection Molding Parts Processing SKD11 Products Processing SKD11 Materials.
Skd11 large injection molding product mold skd11-y injection molding processing suzhou skd11 injection molding processing skd11 materials.
Supply of SJL-CROMOLD mold steel imported from Japan_ SJRHSKD61 Round Bar Wholesale.
Supply SKD11, SKD61 round steel, SKD11 cold working mold SKD11 round bar manufacturers imported from Japan.
D2-FS213 high-performance high-precision plastic mold steel D2 - Japanese standard SKD11 small round steel products are particularly high-performance for food, medicine, machinery, electronics, electroplating, welding.

D2 steel is a cold working die steel with high wear resistance and micro deformation and high toughness. After quenching, this steel has excellent wear resistance, dimensional stability, strength, and toughness,

Hardness: annealed, ≤ 255HB, indentation diameter ≥ 395mm; Quenched, ≥ 60HRC.
SKD11 is a tool steel with high hardness, high wear resistance, and high heat resistance, also known as tool steel. Their heat treatment systems vary greatly.
SKD11 round rod has the advantages of easy processing, high wear resistance, and high corrosion resistance, and has higher hardness compared to other steel grades. Usage: Suitable for making various high-precision, long-life precision cold stamping dies, punches, scissors, bending molds, circular saws, etc.
Low heat treatment deformation: Through heat treatment specifications, it can change the structure, improve mold performance, especially improve toughness.
● Fast wear resistance: small quenching deformation, high hardness after heat treatment, and high wear resistance. Due to the fact that the Coroy fire is not suitable for hot forging, its wear resistance is poor< eod>。

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