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To enter the foreign trade industry of plastic injection molding manufacturers, you need to master these skills!

As a local brand of Shenzhen International Mold and Plastic Products Exhibition, the rapid rise of long-standing commercial streets and well-known large factories has made various businesses inseparable from government support.
The exhibition was held in Shenzhen in April this year. This exhibition attracted a large number of orders for jewelry products such as grains, beauty, flowers, hearing aids, household appliances, automobiles, electronics, machinery, instruments, medical devices, molds, hardware, toys, sporting goods, etc., especially for cooling molds, alloy molds, brand names, structural steel, brand names, stainless steel products, daily metal products, and other products, areas, varieties, models, specifications, and configurations Instruments and other links are implemented through the National Top 8 Purchasers Alliance. Faced with the comprehensive advancement of machinery, commerce, trade environment, and international markets in different regions, it has also placed a lid on the application and development of molds, alloy molds, grades, and structural steel.
● Adopt domestic advanced robot production lines to achieve production automation, quality assurance, and reduce user labor;

We have introduced advanced mold processing equipment such as FANUC from Japan to process high-precision molds, providing stable and high-quality molds to global customers, and with high-quality service, good reputation, trust and support for our customers, our motherland, and colleagues at home and abroad.

● Develop core technologies and products, and provide advanced, intelligent, and green scientific processing and manufacturing in the industry;
● Obtaining ISO9001 quality system certification and EU CE certification, as well as high-tech product certification;
● Stabilized the research and development of new products and process improvement of the company, and the quality has received strong support and recognition from customers;
Dongjiang Technology Group has established well-known enterprises such as Taizhou, Huangyan, Zhejiang Jinhua, Hangzhou Fuma, and has maintained long-term cooperation with many well-known domestic enterprises;
Our products are widely used in many fields such as electronic communications, medical beauty, electronic appliances, automotive industry, aerospace, military aerospace, power ships, industrial automation, geological exploration, automobile transportation logistics, mechanical processing, and so on.
Our commitment: strive to innovate, serve customers with first-class products, and create value for customers; We grow together with our customers!
At the same time, we also hope that among all employees, because of their efforts to contribute to themselves "on this platform,",
With our terrain, mountains and rocks are solid! Progress together! Dear old and new friends, have you worked hard?
We have an excellent team that is enterprising, innovative, and united, equipped with CAD, CAM, CAE, and other relevant software with profound practical skills in technology, materials, processing, application, injection molding, mold, spray coating, assembly, and other integrated operations, making mold production process equipment, skill production level reach domestic peers, and receive praise from peers and experts!
In the future, we will continue to maintain the spirit of "continuous and continuous development", and as always provide various products for our customers. Our products sincerely welcome your presence!
"Although I have a weak sense of the merits of the company's products, we have been striving to 'build a world power' on top of our industry leaders.".

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