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When will the industry of injection mold manufacturers go smoothly

When can the industry of injection mold manufacturers be smooth? 1. Plastic mold design requires different sizes for each mold material. In principle, the size of the mold cannot be considered for the most flat surface. The relationship with the mold must be considered. For example, Amin, the position precision of the size precision between inserts, must be accurate. 2. There are certain rounded corners on or along the plastic parts. The characters cannot be 100% correct. Try not to change the external parts into two planes or align them. 3. Parts with special shapes on plastic parts cannot be directly tightened with flange tools, and must be tightened. 4. The thickness of plastic parts is different, and it is necessary to gradually approach the specified thickness to ensure sufficient release pressure. 5. The arc radius on both sides of the plastic part should be slightly larger to ensure a small round corner, which is to determine the depth of the insert. 6. The matching clearance between the push rod and the diagonal push rod should be as uniform as possible when comparing the push rod and the push rod. Moreover, the push rod must be relatively small from the parts, and the push rod can be used after being pressed. 7. When there is a push rod on a plastic part, it is necessary to ensure that the force on the push rod is uniform. Generally, the rod hole of the push rod should be made into a ladder with the same width to ensure that the force on the push rod is uniform. 7. Common types of plastic parts include cylinders, ear circles, and shoe mold passes. The parting surface of the parting surface should be kept in the same radial and angular directions as the wall thickness of the equal mold cavity. 8. For parts with complex shapes such as push rods and plastic parts, the parting surface should be designed as an arc with the same wall thickness as the equivalent cavity, and the minimum wall thickness should be the same. In addition to requiring a convex part on the plastic part, the thinner and thicker minimum parts on the plastic part should use the parting surface, so the shape of the plastic part should be equal to the inner and outer wall thickness of the plastic part to ensure the appearance of the plastic part is beautiful.
The shape of the parting surface is circular, elliptical, or irregular, and the wall thickness of the plastic part is generally 1 to 25 μ Within the scope.
The design of injection mold mainly involves the design of plastic injection mold, especially the gate location, gate size, mold structure, mold parting, and core pulling methods, which all affect the molding quality of plastic parts and the working efficiency of the injection machine.

● When designing the structure of an injection mold, it is necessary to consider mold structural factors such as overgate, runner, gate size, and the straight gate of the injection molding machine. For large molds, the parting surface should be selected, and crystallization issues such as crystallinity and reinforcing ribs should be considered during the design of the pouring system. (1) Whether it affects the structure and performance of the plastic part, such as crystalline rounded corners, hole shape, etc. (2) The structural design of plastic parts mostly adopts two types: circular arc surface and straight gate,
● When designing the mold structure, it is necessary to consider whether the gate size affects the molding quality of the plastic part and the working efficiency of the injection machine, such as the mold closing height, the number of pull rods, etc. When designing the mold structure, factors such as the gate form, gate position, and gate opening interference should be considered. Reasonable mold structure helps to improve the internal and apparent quality of plastic parts, such as ensuring a reasonable design of the appearance, shape, and size of the plastic parts required for each mold cavity, as well as air holes, cracks, and scorching.
The main surface of Ningbo injection mold processing products is made of plastic, and the die-casting alloy is rigid. For example, some ceramic and red film molding parts, the surface of plastic parts is generally processed by using spray molding, thermoelectric plating, and inlay casting processes.

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