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Notice! Plastic Injection Molding Export Operation Process

Notice! The export operation process of plastic injection molding has gone through 30 processes. You have decided to buy a suitable plastic injection molding machine.
● For equipment functions, first classify and record daily products and non-conforming products that cause plastic shrinkage due to improper operation.
● Each part that is easy to adhere to plastic should be treated in a timely manner (>>Check to see if there are injection molding areas.
● For blocks that often require downtime in advance (1), we recommend appropriately using non renewable resources as building blocks.
After temporary shutdown and plastic injection molding, loosen the support cover first, and then lock the screws in the same way again after the support cover is completed.
After plastic injection molding, it is necessary to polish the plastic injection parts, such as studs, to obtain a smooth surface to avoid additional damage.
● When the plastic is first placed in the mold cavity environment, it should be wetted for steam exhaust. It should not be immediately shut down for maintenance. The barrel and nozzle should be easily injured, and it should be quickly warmed and vented.
After stopping the plastic injection molding machine, clean the plastic inside the barrel, close the mold, and keep the barrel warm to prevent metal debris or materials from sticking to the inner wall of the barrel, causing foreign matters and debris to stay inside the barrel for too long.
● Regularly inspect the electrical parts, observe the problems in each part, and timely cut off the power supply if any (to ensure uniform cooling).

● It is prohibited to use hand operated equipment, motors, electrical components, and other foreign objects in the working area of the machine or on any hard object to approach foreign objects inside the machine.
● Every 3 or 5 months, before cleaning the equipment, clean all dust on the equipment< eod>。

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