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How to solve common problems with injection mold products?

How to solve common problems with injection mold products? Are there any solutions to the problems that occur in the product? Let's first look at the causes of common problems in injection mold products, and suggest that customers provide targeted solutions, mainly including causing early cracking of injection mold products, mold design solutions, mold structure design, and process improvement. 1. Injection molding process improvement. Whether the scheme design is reasonable is an important factor in improving the quality of the injection molding process and the ability to make technological progress. After preliminary design, it mainly includes the results of various links such as raw materials for plastic parts, infrastructure, structural design of injection mold, process improvement, processing, and test evaluation. If there are any analysis of molding cycles and mold testing defects, they should be gradually eliminated during the design stage. 2. Whether the process of technological improvement and progress in injection mold processing improves the efficiency of the injection molding process refers to the way in which the molding cycle can be changed during the design phase. Replacing steel with plastics and wood with plastics is a necessary research direction in the plastic processing industry. The selection and heat treatment of raw materials for plastic parts requires a decision as to whether it is feasible. When selecting a process, it is necessary to clarify the expected use of its raw materials, including their physical and chemical properties, process methods, and use environment. If the injection mold raw materials and molds need to be combined with good compatibility, it is necessary not only to achieve the balance of the molding process, but also to achieve the perfection of the molding process. Whether PP should fully consider the feasibility of the injection molding process and the operability of the molding machine. Considering the analysis of injection molding process, the feasibility of injection molding process mainly includes the following aspects: (1) Determination of injection pressure. For two-color injection molding, often due to the differences between the two rubber materials, it is necessary to determine which process to use based on the product characteristics (similar or similar) of the two plastic products. There are several processes that can well optimize product molding. In the case of dual color injection molding, a feasibility analysis must be conducted based on the characteristics (similar or similar) of the two compounds. For example, setting the temperature for two-color injection molding. Based on the injection molding production cycle, in addition to considering simple design and continuous mold within the design cycle, the cost of the dual color injection molding cycle should also be considered. At the same time, it is also necessary to consider which process to use to improve production efficiency. On this basis, cost characteristics should be fully considered based on different product characteristics, and the injection pressure required for molten plastics should be considered as much as possible. It is very different from injection molding machines. The following highlights two processes that can optimize product molding.
The production capacity of plastic molds worldwide will double from 20000 yuan in 1990. If a company wants to conduct comprehensive long-term operations, it should consider the management of product scrapping or mold modification.
Due to the significant differences between the original products in terms of technical performance, quality, and quality management, the ultimate focus is on the manufacturer. The possibility of production efficiency and cost reflects the company's ability to optimize the structure of parts and effectively improve costs, greatly reducing labor costs.
Therefore, the production capacity of plastic molds worldwide will maintain a certain degree of impact on quality from both current aspects. Therefore, the production capacity of plastic mold companies around the world will also have a significant impact on the improvement of product follow-up technology.

Due to functional differences and cost issues, plastic mold companies around the world first thought of the market.

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