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France adjusted the plastic casting molds industry chain last month

Not only has it ensured the timely delivery of large-scale production of plastic products, but France last month adjusted the plastic casting molds industry chain. From plastic products, extruders, injection molding machines, and other civilian products, China's annual leaf cooling mold industry imports more than 4 million tons of molds each year, which began to be imported and used in 2005, causing China to catch fire every year in importing foreign molds.

There are 8.76 million types of project templates that have passed the acceptance inspection, and the qualified polyethylene (HDPE) cylinders produced in our province are fully crystallized. At the same time, the purchased raw and auxiliary materials can also be purchased in a one-stop manner to the factory. Currently, the production capacity of imported polyethylene (PE) cylinders and PE-RT integral cylinders in China has reached 120000 tons, and the injection molding machine can fully produce qualified products after entering the factory.
At present, China's polyethylene pipe exports amount to 1.7 billion US dollars, with an international market share of about 30%.
Currently, the import value of polyethylene pipes has reached 88.22 million US dollars, and the export value has reached 73.8 billion US dollars. The Chinese government has submitted opinions on the import value and import amount of polyethylene pipes.
Currently, polyethylene pipe imports account for 2318% of global pipe exports, exports account for 234% of global pipe exports, exports account for 238% of global pipe exports, and exports account for 277% of global pipe exports.
This is mainly due to the rapid growth of domestic demand for polyethylene (PE) pipes. The export value of polyethylene (PE) pipes accounts for 149% of the total export value, and has increased the overall output and export benefits. At the same time, the export value of polyethylene (PE) pipes has increased by half of the overall export rate, and decreased from the number of pipe exports to 20%.
The production and processing methods of polyethylene pipes mainly include steam processing and steam injection molding. Polyethylene is the basic material for making pipes, with good flammability, good electrical insulation, no deformation during heating, and high density.
For example, the "steam heating furnace in the steam industry" has the characteristics of small heating deformation, high density, large bulk density, corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance, flame retardancy, acid and alkali resistance, simple production process, high reliability, advanced consumption equipment, energy conservation, reliable product quality, safety and reliability, clean production, energy conservation, consumption reduction, and significant economic benefits.
Currently, the surface of plastic injection molding parts is lubricated, which can make molds, mold cores, metal plates, plastic products, pressure plates, rubber seals, blow molding molds, carburetors, labor supplies, and other rubber and plastic material particles, molded plastics, plastic sheets, plastic films, plastic bags, non-woven fabrics, and other recycled materials, as well as various plastic recycled materials such as plastic wires, plastic plates, filter paper, waste cloth, packaging films, and shed films< eod>。

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