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You should pay attention to injection molding

You should attach importance to the specifications of injection molds, achieve a number of: 1 specifications, achieve a number of: 1 mold base, according to the production process to achieve unilateral horizontal, vertical and oblique placement.
Brand: When the area is 50030M, it is necessary to achieve side opening 2 injection molds, and the upper and lower mold cores should achieve parallel 2 parallel 3 injection molds.
According to process requirements, the product can be divided into four parts for injection mold processing, with two parts being one or two pairs.
With a matching male mold, only when two products have one product at the same time, the mold designer first disassembles the casing injection mold, and then disassembles the casing die casting mold.

The precision requirement for the mating surface is very high, and the gap between the mating surfaces needs to reach 0-12mm (as shown in the following figure).
The gap between the molds is smaller than the mold hole required for the required glue injection part, ensuring that it is difficult to inject glue when it is a product bevel.
Choose a precision injection mold with high precision and good reliability for fine adjustment. The gap is generally 003mm, and the small gap is 001mm. Different plastic mold manufacturers have different precision injection mold structures and surface treatments, such as internal air, cold spots, and scale.
The design of the insert needle should be reasonable. Generally, inserts should be heat treated to above HRC52 to meet the use requirements.
The inclined surface of the guide pillar should be straight with the moving cylinder surface of the plastic mold, with a width not exceeding 0005mm. When the mold side and the outer sharp angle of the insertion needle do not exceed the total height of the plastic mold injection, the mold core should not be punched.
● If it is in an injection mold that is prone to deformation, the ejector pin gap should be within the range of 001mm-002mm.
● The parting surface shall not affect the sealing of the molten plastic. 2、 The appearance conditions of the plastic parts shall be maintained.
In addition to cleaning the parting surface, it should also clean the dust on the outer surface of the plastic part. If it is too dirty, it should be necessary to clean the mold parting surface;
● There shall be no metal or non-metallic debris on the parting surface. Because there is bone overlap on the parting surface, it is important to remember not to damage the surface of the plastic part when conditions permit removal< eod>。

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