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Do plastic injection mold foreign trade these three points you must know

Do plastic injection mold foreign trade these three points you must know! From the past, the mold industry only prepared from its own mold, under the spontaneous control of its own technicians, progress has been slow to a large production value. Today, nearly 30 years ago, a group has made an instruction and decided to have the mold department prepare for it. Previously, they made an offer with a partnership in Heze City for injection molding, and also participated in the registration for this injection molding course. This time, they are producing mold processing based on the requirements for precise processing of different levels of physical products such as electronic products and hand board products. There are two purposes here: first, to ensure that products do not occupy too high a proportion in the mold. Select machines with completely different requirements for the precise processing of such products, and the number of products processed together will be greater. The second is to make the product or mold have a higher height. Here, the company requires mold design standardization and ISO process management mold design talents, and comprehensive quality is very important. Currently, the company has 35 mold professionals with experience, most of the mold sales come from independent mold companies, and they know their own mold design capabilities. If it is not a new design organization, the mold must be reviewed from the design source in the early stage of design, and then reviewed by the mold processing department after processing. Here are a group of excellent designers who have prepared the company for the process. More mold finishing time is as follows.
The second is to arrange the processing requirements designed by the company into the manufacturing workshop. Be able to reasonably calculate material costs. Arrange and handle the cost of machine tools and tools. Production costs can be divided into high injection molding costs, low mold costs, and high utilization rates based on the difficulty of the product. The quotation for this order can be determined according to your requirements.
Before making a quotation, the price of the equipment should be kept at a reasonable cost. The balance of the machine depends on the difficulty of the product and mold. It is important to calculate the level of the offer. For expensive molds, your budget and profits are also valuable.
There are many factors that affect the price of molds. The first is the material cost, which increases the production cost as well as the production cost.
● Confirm quotation: After quotation, you need to select an order and schedule it, which can waste different materials and time. Because there are many materials that do not require price increases, an ordinary manufacturer is cheaper, and what good companies need to do.
● Requirements for mold: 1: The material of the mold and the structure of the hardware mold, such as window glass, door jambs, containers, and elevators, should be carefully considered to see if they are locked in a reasonable position, and attention should be paid to the identification. 2: Process, process, and determine the number of molds according to the produced drawings, specifications, and mold size. 3: Selection of mold materials: select steel, plate and auxiliary materials, including forming deformation and cutting operations, annealing, normal mold operation, falling speed and pressure, operation comparison, damage phenomenon and daily maintenance.
● Maintenance after installation. Errors can easily occur when handling and maintenance are not in place. Please follow the installation method in a timely manner. Pay attention to the following items during installation.

Before installation, carefully check whether the mold is in good condition, whether the mold is flat, and whether the spindle reaches the limit. If it exceeds the regulations, it cannot be adjusted.

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