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Six Details of Developing Overseas Injection Mold Customers

They began to gradually move from the starting point of the fiberglass mold project to the destination of fiberglass mold production, completely relying on the transfer of capital. Both sides have a certain market space and can use it as a capital platform for investment.
"At this stage, we must start from the projects of fiberglass mold customers, completely due to technological progress." They started from the projects of fiberglass mold customers, completely shifting to the projects of fiberglass mold manufacturers.
This is also to completely simplify the mold design process of our factory, thereby reducing the design, processing, production, and sales of molds.

This is also for the purpose of investment destination height and more projects. Therefore, both parties have research projects, so both parties also have certain cooperation.
The maximum to minimum upper mold travel of Grace FRP molds is the most likely to be small and have a high cost performance ratio; Tank door connection, with door locking, internal sealing channel demolding, and double door core pulling, automatically pulling open core pulling.
"The maximum stroke to the maximum distance of the upper mold of the Grace FRP mold is the largest, so before receiving the confirmation from the customer, Grace will also summarize the specific design data of the customer to us, hoping to be helpful for everyone's use.".
The maximum to narrowest stroke of the upper mold of GRESS FRP mold is the ejector pin stroke, which is also the purpose of selecting products for customers. The key to Grice's FRP mold design is that Bosen helps customers design products and the overall quality level of the mold is not only related to suppliers, but also serves other parts.
Grace is not only a mold supplier, but also helps customers choose a bill of materials. Why is it always because it has the ability to split and customize customized molds.
The glass fiber reinforced plastic molds used need to be inspected at the factory. If there are quality issues, they can lead to shorter manufacturing and delivery times for bottle and can molds, which can affect production efficiency. Generally, large molds are not possible. However, importing fiberglass molds can also have a certain impact on the accuracy, which requires professional data inspection and on-site confirmation in the factory's workshop.
For fiberglass molds, I think the selection of molds is related to the characteristics of plastics. If the material is not good, it will cause scrap or tire molding, which will affect the quality and quality of the injection molded product, and directly affect the molding efficiency of the product.
● For products with complex size and shape and relatively thick batch surface, such products are prone to defects. If the injection molding product is a product with rib holes, you can use copper or copper engraving methods such as cavity, and then modify them, which can improve the quality of the mold.
Injection molding process refers to the process of injecting molten raw materials into the mold cavity through an injection molding machine, and forming and cooling them under the action of mold locking pressure. Select the appropriate specification and mold type of the injection molding machine to avoid greater machine failures or costs, minimize the use of parts, and also save the long mold cycle required due to cooling changes.

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