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Making Electric Vehicles Safer, Lighter and More Sustainable

Due to growing consumer demand, regulatory pressure, and technology advances, the transition to electric mobility is accelerating and is forecasted to accelerate further. However, long charging times remain a key barrier to the wider adoption of electric vehicles (EVs). Shortening these charging times requires higher battery voltages up to 1,000V or above. To enable this ultra-fast charging at the right safety and reliability levels, manufacturers will need to use insulation plastics with better resistance to high voltages.

During this webinar Dr. Tamim Sidiki, Marketing Manager Mobility at DSM, will share with you how our high-performance engineering materials can support manufactures in realizing next generation ultrafast EV charging and how to make EVs safer, lighter and more sustainable.

  • Safer: material solutions that meet or excel application standards.
  • Lighter: best-in-class strength, thermal and electrical performance for metal replacement.
  • Sustainable: how to reduce the carbon footprint in future mobility for systems and components in operation and by using bio- and/or recycled-based material alternatives.

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