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Standard principles for dimensions of plastic injection molds

Standard principles for the size of plastic injection molds: minimize the size of plastic products to shorten the molding cycle and improve processing efficiency; Product demolding shall not have deformation, and the simplified mold structure shall prevail. If there is a transition demolding slope, the demolding slope is too small. "Plastic processing converts plastic into useful three primary colors, and the hardness of the plastic will further improve. The size of the plastic during molding can be stable and does not affect the physical and mechanical properties of the plastic. However, for plastic products, there is a downward trend, and the size cannot be changed during molding.".
● Increase the injection pressure. High speed and high pressure open type materials in the barrel are generally higher, with a mold cavity of 0.5 to 1 mm higher than valve type materials, to prevent plastic cracking due to pressure during injection.
For simultaneous injection of multiple injection molds, two or more injection molds are usually designed to be installed at the starting point of the plastic flow to prevent friction and cracking between the cold material and the plastic flow after being injected into the mold cavity through a thin tube.
During plastic injection molding, the designer can input the temperature of a fine amount of melt next to the flow path and start the injection. If set, the gate size can be eliminated at the same time.
● Reduce the injection pressure, shorten the injection cycle, and prevent the material flow from directly entering the mold cavity to produce the latter. The depth of the mold exhaust groove should be consistent with the overall dimension to prevent bubbles from flowing into the mold cavity to form.

● High pressure and slow speed should be used during injection to prevent flash and short flash. At the same time, it is necessary to control the speed and slow operation to maintain process stability and prevent the injection cycle from being too long.
● Adopt a higher injection speed. Due to the high melt temperature, try to use a shorter injection speed. The maximum injection volume should be 4 mm.
● The position of the molded parts should be protected as necessary. In particular, certain parts should be strictly protected. Formed parts should be strictly protected.
The injection volume of the injection machine should be determined according to the requirements of injection volume, process conditions, and the size of mold working parts.
● Mold appearance: The surface of the molded parts should be smooth, without defects such as sidewalls, wrinkles, rust spots, surface scratches, etc.
● The increasingly complex geometric shapes of molded parts, as well as the simplification of standards and parts, are gradually transitioning from single processing and heat treatment to precision. At the same time, mold processing also needs to continuously improve product quality, shorten product development cycles, and reduce production costs.
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