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Innovation leads the "leap" development path of the plastic injection molding manufacturer industry

The birth of single screw extruder has limited its application, and new problems have arisen in the downstream procurement methods.
Due to the direct contact between the mold temperature machine and the mold, the product requirements for the mold temperature machine are relatively high. The heat conduction mode is achieved through heat conduction, but due to the limitations of the heat conduction mode, its application has been limited to a certain extent. However, due to the concept of heat transfer mode and basic structural reasons such as heaters, coolers, and mandrels, it cannot be implemented in a wide field. And the choice of materials is very limited.

However, thermal conductivity is an important factor in launching products. There are not only stainless steel, carbon steel and other product types, but also the production capacity of copper pots, Otto, tableware, aluminum pots and other products, directly related to product quality. Currently, the domestic production of plate, pipe, bar and other industries is relatively developed. Although they are multinational enterprises, they still need to pass certification to support the competitiveness of their products in the international market.
However, some manufacturers may choose corresponding production processes for their product development. The production capacity of plates and pipes produced by factories using this process is difficult to ensure quality, and there are few problems encountered. Therefore, it is more important for enterprises to fully grasp market demand when developing more and higher quality plates. Therefore, the level of an industry is not good, often not perfect.
When conducting global plate production, a preferred solution should be made based on the properties, production process, and standard quantity of the plate.
● Production process Currently, due to the backward production process in China, plate processing enterprises attach great importance to the entire production process to meet the requirements of more customers. However, there are still many users who cannot judge whether they meet international standards. In fact, it is nothing more than the current plate processing products on the market. Currently, the production process of plate processing products that meet international standards on the market is a very typical problem. Currently, the main plate processing products include cold rolled plate coils, hot rolled plate deep drawing, deep drawing, and other plate processing products of different materials. Therefore, according to some problems existing in the market, we can solve these problems by improving product processes and production processes.
● Improve the product image of plate processing products: The surface structure of the product is consistent with its production process, production batch, product design scheme, processing technology, processing equipment, etc.
● Improve the process economy of plate processing products: The roughness of general processing processes is caused by substandard surface layers processed by fixed processes (such as chrome plating), but it can be judged through practice to achieve the quality performance of another process.
If hot rolled steel plates are used for processing, the surface roughness of the processed products needs to be improved: Due to the large amount of rust layer on the surface of the rolling module, the bearing capacity of the rolled deep rolled plate is reduced due to the narrow deformation zone during rolling, resulting in scratches and bending cracks on the surface during rolling and deep drawing. Moreover, due to poor toughness, the deep drawn plate is prone to cracks and fractures during rolling and deep drawing due to poor impact toughness.

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