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According to experts, the popular mold types on the market currently include plastic mold, aluminum mold, iron mold, resin mold, fiberglass mold, rubber mold, and so on. With the continuous expansion of market demand, the frequency of enterprises replacing molds has also increased and become more frequent. Therefore, as the core and basic component of process equipment, molds produce products with shorter production cycles, making it difficult for enterprises to effectively improve the performance of molds.
Currently, the competition among domestic mold enterprises is mainly due to shortened product life cycles, decreased product structure, decreased mold materials, decreased mold technical indicators, increased manufacturing costs, increased quality costs, market competition, and technological progress. As a result, shortened mold change times and mold production cycles are gradually intensifying. Therefore, shortening the changeover time, reducing costs, and obtaining profits are the basic principles for the survival of modern enterprises.
According to the economic situation, the domestic mold industry has now entered a reshuffle period, and the number and frequency of mold changes will determine the success or failure of annual mold changes in the future.
In recent years, the industry has used the predicted time, mold change time, and cycle time to analyze the dynamics and obstacles of various parts of the punch press. If there is a prediction, it can be used to reduce the number of times with machine tool companies within the mold change cycle to varying degrees. Of course, it is possible to predict the past stable cycle problems. To be sure, under different lead times, positions, and pressure changes during machine tool replacement, the changeover time for each condition is short, that is, the changeover time for working hours. Taking different machine tool manufacturers as the estimation target, it is necessary to analyze the product cycle, quality, and size, and it is also possible to make predictions, plans, changes, results, and reminders.
Although there is already a quantitative basis, the mold change time of many injection molding machines remains at a certain fingertip position of the press, and further improvement is needed to adapt to this requirement. The design of the device and the accuracy of the mold test require analysis and judgment of the target to ultimately achieve good results.
If you want to obtain high-quality disk parts, such as rotating parts, gear parts, sliding mechanism parts, straight parts, etc., you need to use a pen model to assist in the design.

If the ability to directly and rapidly manufacture molds for most other conventional parts is available, it is necessary to interconnect with other mold factories. If there is a mold manufacturing cycle, it is necessary for engineers and engineers to check relevant information first. After determining the clamping force for mold opening and production, it is necessary to remove the mold< eod>。

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