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Policy and market dual stimulation plastic mold product industry has a long way to go

Plastic molds are used in conjunction with plastic molding machines in the plastic processing industry to shape the surface of plastic products.
If you are a relevant person or technician in the mold industry, you should still have the qualification of an injection molding machine. Therefore, if you want to make a plastic mold, you need comprehensive knowledge.
Injection molding is a method of manufacturing industrial products. Products usually use rubber injection molding and plastic injection molding. Injection molding can also be divided into injection molding molding method and die casting method.
Before mold assembly, apply a layer of oil to avoid dirt on the mold to ensure the accuracy of injection molding. 2. After the mold is closed, put a tight plastic bottle bag and cover the bottle cap, cap, handle, and other auxiliary materials to avoid excessive force
Adjust the pressure gauge to maintain the pressure after reaching the pressure to avoid excessive pressure and buffer. 7. Close the mold to avoid high pressure alarms and reduce material being held by the machine.
The working conditions of plastic molds are different from those of cold stamping molds. Generally, they must be operated at 150 ° C to 200 ° C. In addition to being subjected to certain pressure, they also have to withstand the impact of temperature. The basic performance requirements of steel for plastic molds are summarized according to the different use conditions and processing methods of plastic molding molds, as follows: 1. The strength and hardness of steel for plastic molds are both.
High speed precision: Due to the relative precision of plastics (which is conducive to corrosion resistance), they are generally much better than non ferrous alloy steel (plastic mold steel).
High strength: Plastic molds can withstand the same pressure, with different amounts of plastic molds, and their parts are even harder than conventional parts. In some cases, the tolerance range is the same.

High plasticity: Plastic molds can withstand stress under the same load conditions, and during stamping and cutting, plastic molds can withstand the same load.
Surface quality: Various processing stripes, bruises, and polishing defects on the mold surface, with beautiful, clear, and beautiful markings that can be identified at any time.
Maintain the temperature around the injection mold thermostat at around 30 degrees. In this case, the molding cycle is proportional to the cooling time. The cooling time mainly depends on the thickness, shape, and size of the product, and is related to the cooling time, hardening time, and demolding time of the product. In both cases, the earlier the molding cycle, the shorter the release time of the product.
Care should be taken to avoid using excessive cooling water. To extend the molding cycle and extend the cooling time. The purpose of using a mold temperature machine is to solve the problem of products that are not cooled thoroughly or cannot be quickly and uniformly solidified.
Place it in a cool and dry place as required, avoiding high-energy accumulations and empty barrels such as mold surfaces and molten plastics. The parking position should be close. General items include downtime, cooling time, mold removal, and related inspection times.
The cooling system of the mold temperature machine should be optimized. When the temperature of the mold temperature machine is stable, it will result in a uniform temperature. At this time, if the temperature control system of the cooling system and the mold temperature are controlled at 15 ° C-45 ° C, if the constant temperature time is too long, smoke will appear at the thermal separation point.

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