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Plastic mold manufacturer design series dry goods - design elements

Refrigerator tray injection mold, refrigerator fastener injection mold, etc. JMT's designers specialize in providing customers with design drawings, plastic mold manufacturers design series dry goods - design elements.
5) Check whether there is any foreign matter in the hopper, and clean it before opening the mold. I am responsible for opening the mold; Whether the mold opening speed is too fast, and whether the production of materials can meet customer requirements.

6) For other color treatments, please contact people from all walks of life to modify the operation mode of this mold product and conduct field visits.

7) If you find that the surface of an object is bruised, you can completely clean up the surface defects under the above circumstances.
9) After the customer confirms the mold part of the product, the wire cutting mold part graphics should be drawn on the mold for customer confirmation.
10) After both parties confirm that the mold is completely cooled, the mold test can be conducted. In special cases, it is necessary to confirm that the mold is free of problems such as shrinkage and cavity damage, otherwise the parts cannot be tested.
11) After confirming that the beer is inserted, each component of the mold embryo should be carefully inspected and confirmed to be free of problems before mass production.
13) After mold testing, place the processed insert on the nozzle. When testing, pay attention to whether there are inserts and inserts, and evenly discharge the material on the insert.
The above is about how to accept the injection mold after it is inserted with beer? The injection mold insert processing manufacturer will take you to meet us. If you need any help, please come and have a look!
Mold design and manufacturing training is a complex and complex technical task. Whether it extends from operating skills or experienced skilled talents to the entire professional training and teaching process, it requires continuous improvement and improvement of mold design and manufacturing technology.
The specialty of mold design and manufacturing introduces the characteristics and advantages of mold (mu ju) and plastic injection mold design and manufacturing. 1. The mold has a long service life, and the working conditions vary greatly. The mold is divided into upper mold and lower mold, and the working conditions directly affect the production and manufacturing quality of plastic parts. 2. The specific performance of the mold structure and technology are as follows.
(2) The processing of plastic parts is prone to generate internal stress, causing deformation or damage, or making it difficult for stable movements to occur again. Therefore, it is necessary to consider increasing the structural strength of the parts by improving the mold. For example, the separation of the dynamic and static molds and the coordination between the dynamic molds generally vary depending on the shape and principle of the plastic, while the design of the two generally varies depending on the shape and size of the plastic part. The mold structure affects the shrinkage rate of plastic parts during processing and forming, so it has a significant impact on the mold structure. The mold structure must be compatible with plastic.
To keep plastic parts from deforming 4. With high mold strength, some residual mold stresses should be stored at appropriate locations in the mold, and the resulting mold surface will hinder the shrinkage of the plastic parts, thereby reducing mold deformation. The mold has high strength requirements and will have great force support. It is necessary to minimize the momentum of friction. Low friction coefficient, easy control of deformation conditions, no reduction in hardness and wear resistance of the mold due to friction, and reduced probability of damage.

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