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Sustainable development activities lead the consumption of plastic injection molding products

In recent years, plastic molding technology has become one of the important industries, and many industrialized countries such as Tianjin, Shenyang, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Xi'an, Kunshan, Langfang, Qingdao, and Harbin have begun to build plastic molding processing systems. The plastic molding and processing system has been formed in developed countries.
Back 10 years ago, precision molds typically had an accuracy of 5 microns, and over time, the accuracy of molds will become increasingly high. It has now reached 2-3 microns, and molds with 1 micron accuracy will soon be available. This requires ultra precision machining. The mold industry will become increasingly large-scale.

The rapid development of China's plastic industry, with the endless emergence of new plastic materials and processes, has provided a qualitative and broad space for the basic development and innovation of the plastic industry. In order to promote the development of plastic products towards the direction of high efficiency, high precision, energy conservation, green, and long life, new materials and processes for plastics have emerged, greatly promoting the high-end, precision, and differentiation of the plastic product industry.
Nowadays, the development of China's mold industry has led to the formation and processing of more and more high-precision, large-scale, precision, complex, and long-life molding molds, and the processing accuracy of these molds is also becoming higher and higher. To make plastic.
A mold is an industrial product that shapes materials in a specific structural form through certain methods, and is also a production tool that can batch produce industrial product components with certain shape and size requirements. Known as the "mother of industry", it is known as "the public and broad also win the world.".
For the appearance quality of plastic parts, the major defect is a protruding crack in the mold cavity and the inner side of the plastic part. Due to this defect, the plastic part is scrapped and the plastic part falls off.
(1) Strengthen management, and each component of plastic parts should comply with stricter and more comprehensive standards and the principle of "quality first". The external quality of the plastic part must be.

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