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Plastic injection molding manufacturers industry commonly used websites or tools summary!

Plastic injection molding manufacturers industry commonly used websites or tools summary! More knowledgeable users can focus on "Plastic Injection Molding Solutions"!
The relevant information and related products displayed on this website, such as various materials, information, photos, technical and instructions provided here, and S.
It mainly includes but is not limited to: doctoral information, research methods, product design, and results list of international and domestic Internet integration.
Mainly including but not limited to: doctoral information, research methods, engineering design methods, procurement channels, cooperative customers, APP, etc.
Mechanical design and industrial product design are the most basic college English. Although information and knowledge intersect, they are different. The so-called professional English refers to the learning of relevant knowledge, which requires the learning of professional knowledge based on different learning methods.
● Combining with other professional software products, using modern English skills and computer technology, combining basic processes and curriculum content, to enter industry education and teaching, computer application (computer-aided graphic design), material molding and molding technology, numerical control technology application (print advertising), mold, Internet of Things application technology (AutoCAD, UG, etc.), production site management, numerical control programming and practice, numerical control machine tool programming and practice Automation production line work practice.
● Fundamentals, mechanical drawing, bench work, electrical and electronic technology, mechanical fundamentals, machine tool numerical control technology, mold manufacturing technology, numerical control systems, and application of numerical control equipment.
● Skilled electricians and draughtsmen who operate CNC equipment skillfully; 2. Conduct pre year quality control according to production needs.

● Experience in mechanical drawing, UG, CAD drawing, product drawing, office automation, financial management, ERP, RPS, BS, chairman, assistant, etc.
● Processing parts mainly include machining parts, sheet metal parts, stamping parts, valve bodies, ball parts, etc. Commonly used CNC processing equipment mainly includes punches, bending machines, plate shears, spot welding machines, etc. Each stamping part processing equipment uses a computer digital control system, with high production efficiency and stable quality; Through computer analysis and calculation of the rebound amount, accurate fault causes and solutions can be obtained.
● Metal stamping: Metal stamping is the use of presses and molds to process stainless steel, copper, aluminum, zinc, certain non ferrous metals, and their alloys.
● Sheet metal processing: Sheet metal processing mainly involves cutting, stamping, and other methods for bending sheet metal parts.
● Aluminum plate processing, also known as precision processing, is used for special purposes such as duct ventilation, air conditioning, electrical cabinets, and various equipment, production equipment, household appliances, transportation devices, grilles, copper, and iron pedals.

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