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Precision injection molding conditions: The temperature material limit is generally controlled according to the plasticizing method, the form of color masterbatch, and the temperature of the material barrel. There are mainly three types of the former, namely, temperature rise, and temperature control for the latter. When the temperature rises, it should be properly controlled. The temperature should be within a certain range and raised at a certain speed. The temperature of plastic should be within a certain range, which can maintain the increased viscosity and temperature. In this case, there should be a clear working temperature environment. Generally, in this case, the material barrel is usually equipped with temperature collection tubes and insulation tubes. These temperature collection tubes are used to detect the temperature of the electrical equipment cabinet, detect the temperature and time of the electrical equipment cabinet. The temperature collection tube joint is used for temperature detection inside the cabinet, and the thermocouple is used for temperature detection inside the cabinet. The mold temperature machine shall be equipped with a temperature detection device. It is installed on the cylinder wall of the joint surface between the plastic and the water nozzle in the injection mold. The mold heater is electrically connected to the injection mold and injected.
Constant temperature mode refers to the control of heating and cooling systems for temperature control purposes, enabling the machine to achieve energy-saving and material saving, reduce power consumption, improve the working environment, and achieve clean and efficient production purposes.
The temperature of temperature control equipment is determined by the working temperature. The temperature of industrial water chillers directly affects the working efficiency of machine operation, while the ambient temperature directly affects the working efficiency of machine operation.
Firstly, because industrial water chillers are generally related to environmental humidity, such as humidity, air cooling, low temperature, and so on. If the ambient humidity is too high, the machine is prone to internal damage. Industrial water chillers are commonly used in the plastic industry. Let's take a look at the usage of industrial water chillers.
Secondly, if the allowable flow rate at the oil temperature test point of an industrial water chiller does not exceed 9L/min, but when observing the temperature, in order to improve efficiency, it is necessary to stabilize the pressure. If it is kept at 24L/min for a long time, it should be called "temperature.".

Why is an industrial water chiller the accuracy of the control system? Actually, an elderly person should know at this time, because when the voltage cannot meet this condition for operation, the industrial water chiller is not good, or its service life is already short, which can lead to a set of failures. If there is a set of sparks at the ignition voltage, a "fire" will be generated.
● When the machine is started, it generally starts the general action of the fan. The slow and fast are behind, waiting for a while. Automatic overtemperature. It can also be called temperature control. The temperature control meter used is a lower temperature than normal for users, which is a highly objective working environment.
● In addition to the problem of replacing the system to heat the refrigeration system according to work needs, the replacement cannot work properly due to excessive contact with various components. In some cases, the system will automatically alarm when turned on or off, resulting in part damage.

● Once the low-voltage switch equipped with industrial low-voltage circuit breakers and more than two positive high-voltage circuit breakers is damaged or the connector is loose, the circuit breaker trips, and then the high-voltage circuit breaker is set to eliminate circuit breaker faults. This phenomenon is called low-voltage switch action.

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