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Get a cheaper overall strategy for plastic injection molding!

Get a cheaper overall strategy for plastic injection molding! In contrast, ABS, reinforcing rib plate, tetrafluoroethylene plate, reinforcing ring, and improving the processability of the material cylinder (resin plasticization molding) have high accuracy and durability.
The development and progress of the plastic industry also puts forward higher requirements for consumers. It is expected that the commercialization of domestic goods will rise again in the next 20 years, which will feed back the demand of people in the same period. Domestic and international violence.
When the piston is at the bottom, the hydraulic system is injected with hydraulic oil by a compensation oil pump. Under inlet pressure, gas enters the membrane chamber through the inlet intake valve, and the reverse membrane is pushed to the bottom of the membrane chamber. The membrane chamber is filled with gas, and as the crankshaft rotates, the piston moves from the bottom to the top.
Process analysis of plastic products. The defects of blister products mainly lie in the management of the parting surface, runner, gate, and cold hole of product opening, as well as the post processing of blister products.
Equipment improvements. Every improvement requires constant revision. Careful scheme design is also an essential link. The main mechanism for improvement is.
● Increase the contact surface of the new water pipe and use pure water for flushing. After complete cleaning, blow dry the water pipe that has just cooled using a dry pressure that is 40 ° C above the water temperature.

In addition, use water-soluble emulsified water to clean the water pipes. This simple usage is also the best way to improve production efficiency, shorten cycles, and reduce power consumption.
In addition to the above techniques, mold maintenance can also be achieved through physical and other surface maintenance methods. The maintenance of the mold is required through the following three simple points.
● Tool maintenance: Wash with clean water. Select a washing agent (sodium hydroxide, lemon juice, etc.), then distilled tap water, and set the cover plate properly.
● Tool maintenance: After the mold is installed, clean the corners, and then coat the fillet welds with antirust oil
Maintenance: There are three main aspects to the maintenance of molds and nozzle knives for oil paper and fitter hammers.
● Anti rust of this mold: daily rust inspection must be carried out, and if phosphorescence analysis is necessary, it is best not to leak.
● After rusting all objects in the rear mold position, wipe them dry with clean cotton or apply a layer of epoxy antirust oil (raw material). After sealing the mold, do not move it to the bottom until it reaches the bottom with a phase of 002MM.
Check once a month to confirm whether the mold locking force is sufficient and whether the printed product meets national requirements< eod>。

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