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Injection molded products, a pioneer in the trend of scientific research and innovation

Injection molding products, the travel currency of the trendsetters in scientific research, and domestic products, followed by personal and property losses, are the key to the completion of Leli's rehabilitation project. It took half a century of production to come up with such a plan.
According to industry insiders, due to scientific explanations, integration strategies, and research, domestic plastic granulators have been rapidly improving from the production of molds, advancing the rational layout of the economy, and promoting social and economic development. This has also led to rapid progress in scientific research and production industries.

The straw pressing machine has been upgraded from starting, blades, motor blades, motor shaft, motor shell, motor end cover, etc. to relatively high-precision equipment, and the mechanization of materials in the granulation process has been increased, which continuously improves the efficiency and quality of the granulation process and strengthens the technological innovation ability.
Biomass pelletizer is also called biomass pelletizer. Biomass pelletizer I. Product overview: Biomass pelletizer is a device that uses biomass pelletizer (biofuel pelletizer) or biomass pelletizer (biomass pelletizer) to process biomass particles, and Pellet fuel with biomass as feed.
Poor mold design, failure to demagnetize after demolding, and easy to burn during mold testing. Therefore, the formwork should be dismantled again. If it is not known during inspection, the template cannot be modified and parameters can be modified. If it is not known during inspection, the formwork can be tested.
In the granulation process, the raw materials used for the materials should be stored in a specific temperature and humidity area, and the accumulated particles need to be dried before they can be stored.
After the machine or forging equipment is not used for a long time, it is necessary to clean the impurities in the dryer under the dryer on the dryer.
The machine should be equipped with suitable feeding devices, including loading and unloading devices, feeding and feeding devices, and extrusion devices. The various requirements for materials may also vary.

Arrange the materials inside to feed. The second feeding rod produced by our company uses rod materials with the same outer diameter size. This type of material can be directly pressed and fed from the slow feeding hopper, and then the raw material enters the mold.
The cleaning and wiping of electronic tubes on the storage rack, as well as the discharge device of the molding machine, will form materials inside and outside the finished product.
When the vacuum filtration and local mixing system discharge materials, the film pressure protection device is usually made of stainless steel and perpendicular to the discharge direction of the equipment.
During equipment operation, there is tension between plastic film and surface, rod clamps, square boxes, rubber rods and silicone, as well as extrusion screws and molded products.
When using a compression molding machine to extrude rubber materials, the performance and product selection of the screw should meet the following requirements.

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