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The data analysis behind the image of the injection mold industry is useful

Injection mold is a precision cold stamping mold, with its core and mold base forming the mold cavity. One end of the plastic melt filling system is provided with an axis. In addition, it indirectly forms a detailed introduction to the force on the mold base through internal and external activities. Table 2-1 and 2-2.
Injection Mold Precision - Product Weighing Record - Original Color: Record the mold cavity cost based on the product/mold comparison. Calculate the volume: Determine the mold locking force based on the actual weight of the product
The SSS880 is completed using a dedicated laser weak nitrogen process for blue solid-state drives. Adopting a dual electrode block structure, the power supply circuit is well designed, the output power is stable, and the processing efficiency is high.

Using a single heating electrode to develop a cooling and heat exchange system to meet the long-term environmental requirements of the blast furnace can shorten the cooling time.
● Principle of mold ejector pin arrangement (1) The ejector pin arrangement should balance the ejection force as much as possible. The release force required for parts with complex structures is large, and the number of thimbles should be increased accordingly. The thimble should be set at the effective position, such as bone position, column position, step, and metal insert.
The renowned EMV – 85C three-axis silver roller heavy line rail Yintai screw, Mitsubishi M80 system, direct connection 12000 rpm BT40 spindle, German speed 24T servo knife arm type tool magazine, three-axis travel 800x550, three-axis rapid displacement 48 meters, equipped with an integrated spindle oil cooler.
Huaya 2500 super large drilling machine integrated cast iron bed, Mitsubishi M80 latest touch screen system! BT30 main shaft 200 revolutions, (three axis German Rexroth line rail 45 line rail, three axis travel X axis 2500Y axis 400Z axis 300X axis 50 diameter screw drive) 16 cutter Pu.
Original Taiwan Yongjin NXV1020AM, with a main shaft of 15000 revolutions, a high-power 11KW, Fanac MXP-200FA system, and a light knife mold machine king! The standard is 90% new, and the price is less than half that of the new machine.
Maanshan 800 second-hand PE pipe shredder transfer 37 kW motor 315 hard tooth reducer.
Long-term transfer and recycling of various breeding feed equipment such as chickens, ducks, geese, biomass pellet equipment, pharmaceutical equipment, and other idle processing equipment across the country.

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